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Robin, Sunshine Coast, facilitator, May 2011

"Hi Joan, Karyn and Chris, Thanks so much to the three of you and all of the BellBunya Community for hosting us and catering to our every need.

We had an amazing weekend and had fantastic feedback about our workshop and also about the food and the venue. I feel so Blessed by the experience and your support.  
Mark and I were also really happy with using BellBunya as a venue and in our de-briefing have decided we are interested to use BellBunya again for a future 'The Love Feast' workshop.  Thanks so much for all you effort, love and good vibes. We appreciate this so much."

Comments from participants at the Awakening the Dreamer Symposium, September 2011

  • "Had a lovely stay; felt welcomed and valued the opportunity to meet the Bellbunya Community".
  • "We felt most welcomed and supported."
  • "Glorious!"
  • "Welcoming and Professional"
  • "Wonderful Venue"
  • "Atmosphere of whole space; people - personal approach and involvement; Attention to detail - beds, lecture room, toilets, everything; food - yum!"
  • "Friendly folk, birdsong, comfortable, clean, totally adequate facilities"
  • "Welcoming us into your 'home' like friends; it's sad to leave but great to know that you are 'doing' it."
  • What did you like?  "Everything!"  "The environment, the food, the welcome, friendly community - nothing too much trouble"  "Atmosphere, hospitality, cleanliness" "nature, vibe" "Buddha.  The

Participants at "An Extraordinary Experience workshop", November 2010.

  • "I loved the serenity and friendliness - the birds singing.  Very clean and comfortable - great value for money.  Sustainability at Bellbunya is impressive.  The food was sensational!  Thank you so much for looking after us so well."  Natalie Kane
  • "I loved everything - it is the most amazing home.  Thank you for your hospitality.  Keep on going with your fantastic work.  It makes a huge difference.  Accommodation cleanliness, comfort, presentation and value for money was all 10/10."  Kate
  • "Great!  Loved the chickens :)"  Jen
  • "The food was amazing and healthy, the facilities and grounds were well kept and had a lovely 'home' feel and the community very welcoming.  Keep going - its lovely here.  Impressive sustainability environment in only 2 years.  Really good location for this event." Michelle Dorn
  • "I loved everything.  The rooms were clean and comfortable and beautiful food.  Great to be a part of sustainability at Bellbunya.  A beautiful place, grateful to your community for creating it!"  Alison
  • "Great.  Amazing food.  I will be back to enjoy more of your amazing surroundings."  Margie Vale
  • "Love the 'fresh' feel of the whole place - you're adding life to it.  Keep the wonderful vision; love the eco-sustain.  Excellent food.  Energy, care, commitment and vision is amazing." Jeanette Oliver
  • "I love the tranquillity.  The space.  The rooms are cute.  The place has a great feel to it.  I felt really at home." Alex
  • "I like the Bellbunya Lifestyle Experience! Inspiring. Natural comfort with community lifestyle.  Sustainability at Bellbunya creates an atmosphere of love and support for all being."  Benny TwoShoez
  • "Like the beautiful natural surrounds and whole foods.  Excellent value for money."  Cucinda
  • "Timely, fantastic concept.  Like the homely community feel to Bellbunya."  Karen
  • "Wonderful, thoughtfully prepared.  Beautiful environment."
  • "I had an amazing experience.  Thank you :).  Loved the kindness of the staff; the amazing nature that surrounds."

Participants at Youth Affairs Network Queensland (YANQ) November, 2010

  • "Loved it, great environment and very friendly people"
  • "Enjoyed the setting very very much"
  • "A positive, productive environment"
  • "Great, very impressed by community - very welcoming and authentic!!"
  • "Loved the layout and environment, community values - respectful and non-intrusive - warm and accommodating"
  • "Relaxed environment, effort to please"

Leanne, Kai and Katashka November 2010

  • "Loved staying, will be back.  I loved the sustainability - something I have always wanted to work towards.  Accommodation was lovely, clean and fresh.  Comfortable bed, nice to have ensuite."
  • What did you like?  "The food, the people.  Loved the community spirit and get-togethers.  The environment, nature, atmosphere around.  The old style buildings."

Simon, November 2010

  • "I loved the people, food, music.  The fact that things are happening.  Amazing energy."