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Catering Deprecated

Ethical guidelines for catering at Bellbunya

Self-caterers and third party caterers are asked to meet Bellbunya's ethical considerations for food in the kitchen.
  • Food is to be sourced from ethical, sustainable sources. For example
    • Free range eggs, not caged eggs.
    • Where meat is served it should be ethically sourced, for example free range chicken, fish from sustainable fisheries.
    • Buying local wherever practical 
    • Buying organically grown foods wherever practical
    • Care not to buy from unethical companies, for example Nestle (who cause thousands of babies to die through their unethical conduct with powdered milk in the majority world); Proctor and Gamble, etc
    • Care to not purchase products that destroy habitats; such as palm oil
  • Low food packaging is preferred to reduce waste and consumption.
    • All organic waste can be composted or fed to Bellbunya's chickens or through our worm farms.
    • External caterers will need to take non-organic, non-recyclable waste off-site.
Practical information for external caterers
  • Caterers must have a person with a current food safety supervisor certificate supervising the kitchen operations.  Bellbunya staff can perform this function for a fee of $25-50/day (depending on group size).
  • The kitchen must be left clean each evening.
  • A $200 bond is payable for the kitchen
    • The kitchen will be clean when caterers arrive, and left in a clean condition.
    • Caterers are welcome to use table-cloths supplied, but will pay for commercial cleaning for items used.
    • Breakages are to be paid by the caterer.