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Scrounge List

Recycling is a key element of environmental sustainability. Sharing is a key element of community (social sustainability). Reusing is a key element of reducing costs (economic sustainability) and promoting simplicity rather than consumption.

You can be a part of this. Do you have any items in reasonable condition looking for a good home? If you have any of the following (or something else that you think we may use), you may wish to consider donating them to Bellbunya - where they can live again! Please do check with us prior, though, as we have limited storage space and capacity to repair random items. 

Building related

  • Building materials (e.g. pavers, decking, timber, tools, cement mix, fasteners, windows, doors, plywood, roofing sheets)
  • Plumbing – fittings and fixtures (including pumps, pipes, gutters, connectors, taps, hoses)
  • Flyscreens and components
  • Moisture Meter
  • Aluminium step ladder, trestles, plank
  • Shelving suitable for shed

Garden related

  • Fencing materials (eg star pickets, gates, chicken wire, fencing wire, tools, electric fencing)
  • Garden materials and equipment (e.g. soil tester, biodynamic preparations, sleepers, rocks and garden edging, mulch, manure, shade cloth)
  • Edible plants and cuttings
  • Garden sheds
  • Canoe/ water craft

Electrical, furniture, office, cleaning

  • Computer - desktop or notebook, network switch/hub and cabling
  • Furniture - bookshelves, wood outdoor furniture
  • Whiteboards
  • Cupboards or wardrobes


  • Aprons (bib style, cotton), table cloths (coloured patterns), tea towels, oven mitts
  • Electric hot water urn 
  • Salt and pepper grinders