Arranging Your Event at Bellbunya

"Bellbunya is such an inspiring experience. The 5 day stay seemed like weeks. Though it's all organic food, dinner always seem 'delicious!' Everyone was just so nice and awesome. Will definately visit again." - Melvyn, Malaysia

"Thanks for the privelege of spending time with such a wonderful community." -John

"What you are all doing here is simply wonderful and inspiring to all that visit. 
May the great work continue and the energy inspire more to do the same."  - Paul & Sam
BELLBUNYA IS offering specials for new events with our event catering relaunch for 2020

Step by Step - for event organisers

Step 1 – Conference package pricing

Have a look at our conference packages and pricing.

Step 2 – accommodation options and facilities

Have a look at our accommodation options and facilities to decide on suitable accommodation.

Apart from the accommodation, dining facilities and conference space, your group is also welcome to enjoy our other facilities such as the freshwater lagoon and pleasant walks with wonderful countryside views on and around the property. Take a look at the native bushland regeneration work that is happening or visit our organic gardens.

Note that accommodation at the conference tariff is available for groups to a minimum of 8 people or the equivalent charge. ie groups may be smaller but the cost will be as for 8 people.

Step 3 – complete the booking enquiry form

Please fill out the Booking Enquiry Form, letting us know your particular needs. There is no obligation involved; it simply lets us know what you are looking for.

We will respond to let you know if the dates you have requested are available. If they are available, a tentative booking will be made. However, the booking will not be held until the deposit is paid.

If you have requested a caterer, they will contact you to discuss how we may meet your needs.

Step 4 – site visit

We recommend and welcome you to visit Bellbunya, see our facilities first-hand and get acquainted, before you make a group booking. If you like, we can also arrange for you to join us for a meal and/or stay overnight.

Step 5 – payments and booking confirmation

Once you are satisfied that you would like to use Bellbunya you may confirm your booking by letting us know and paying a deposit of $250 (up to 3 days) or $500 (4 or more days) no less than a month prior to your booking.

Payment of the balance is due on invoice which can be issued prior or at the end of your event if you expect variables. If you are using your own caterer, a separate deposit will be required (see step 8, below) as catering is handled independently. Cash on site is preferred for the kitchen bond.

Payment options: cash at Bellbunya, or EFT-bank transfer (details supplied on booking), or by credit card on invoice. No credit card facilities at Bellbunya

Step 6 - date changes and cancellations

Cancellations more than a month before the event will receive a refund of $200 (or $450) of the deposit. Cancellations within a month of the booked date will forfeit the deposit. Date changes are possible (further booking fee of $50 may be charged), provided that you are able to give us notice at least a month in advance and depending on our availability. 

Step 7 – promotion and bookings

It is generally up to the group coordinator to promote their own event. However, if you would like it announced publicly, we may be able to help. Once you have confirmed your booking, please send us a description or flyer about your event, and we will announce it on the Bellbunya website and include it in news emails that we send to our network of friends and supporters.

If this is of interest to you, please email us:
  • A text file containing a one paragraph blurb about your event plus relevant details (date, time, cost, contact, payment deadline, deposit required). We will use this to create a new event on the Bellbunya Event Calendar at our website.
  • The web address for a jpeg picture to go with the text on the Bellbunya website.
If you don't want the hassle of taking your own bookings and payments you can use an online system. A relatively simple and cheap online bookings and ticket sales system is but there are plenty of others on the web, too. This system is free to use for free events.

Step 8 – catering

It is easy to use our  caterer. This way you get high quality, fresh and primarily organic vegetarian meals.Produce comes from our own organic garden or from local growers. Our caterer's cooking always receives rave reviews from our guests. Take a look at a sample menu.

Note that catering is available for groups to a minimum of 10 people or the equivalent charge. ie groups may be smaller but the cost will be as for 10 people.

If you intend to bring your own caterer, they may need to be a qualified Food Safety Supervisor. If you're unsure if this is needed please ask. Our kitchen is commercial grade but liability rests with the caterer. Our on-site Food Safety Supervisor may be available to satisfy this requirement and charges $50/day.

If you are not be using our caterer a cash bond of $250 (or $500 if using portable equipment such as blender, food processor) is required for the use of the commercial kitchen. This bond will be returned after your event, less any charges for extra cleaning (if the kitchen is left dirty) or damaged equipment. Your caterer will also need to agree to use ethically sourced food.

If self-catered, there will be a small per-person fee ($2 pp/pd) charged to cover incidental use of ingredients and kitchen power use. This also gives your caterer the freedom to ask for that pinch of cinnamon or sprig of lemon thyme.

Step 9 - pre-visit information

Please ensure that you and your group members are prepared for your visit by reading the pre-visit information and things to do around Bellbunya. It may be good to email your group members a link to this page.

Step 10 - getting to Bellbunya

The How to find us page contains directions and a map plus information about public transport and taxis. We encourage groups to invite their members to carshare to get to Bellbunya. Apart from being cheaper, it's better for the environment and much more fun! If you'd like to directly arrange a pick-up by a community member from Eumundi, the trip costs $15. Please email us at contact(at) to arrange.

If you wish to hire a bus and driver, there are plenty of operators. Start with a web search or try: Elite ToursBoomerang Bus HireSouth East ToursGlasshouse CoachesCol's ShuttleStoryline Tours. Options range from minibuses to full sized coaches. We do not endorse any of these operators but just offer these links for your convenience.

Step 11 – arrival

Please plan for the Group Coordinator to arrive at Bellbunya (along with your caterer/food safety supervisor if self catering) about two hours in advance of your group on the day the workshop begins.  This will allow you time to familiarise yourself with Bellbunya, meet with the Community Host and the Caterer to discuss coordination of tasks, and address any last minute issues. Note that arrival of participants before 2 pm or departure after 4 pm incurs an extra charge of $10/person.

Unless you have made alternative arrangements with us, you will be responsible for tasks such as: setting up the Conference Hall and any other specific equipment for the workshop, organising the registration table, greeting and registering participants, and showing them to their rooms.

Other Information

Making Your Event Eco-Friendly

We are actively working to make Bellbunya into a sustainable venue, through projects such as our renewable energy project, insulating existing buildings, energy efficiency projects and modelling sustainable community. From 2010, we have been generating clean energy on site and have an active display of green technologies. Any excess over what Bellbunya generates is powered by the wind, as we purchase only green electricity. Even our website host is entirely wind powered. Catering for conferences and events is based on sustainable practices, such as growing food on-site, buying local and organic produce where possible, minimising packaging and other waste reduction strategies, reuse and recycling.We do our very best to ensure that your event is eco-friendly.

Other Questions

If you have any further questions, we would be only too pleased to assist. Feel free to contact us online, or or call office on 07 5409 7599  or preferably email to;
Christopher Gibbings,
15 Nov 2012, 20:41