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Rental Opportunities

If you are exploring the possibility of joining us as a community member, we recommend getting to know the community by reading about our values, vision and commitments, and visiting us first, preferably making a few visits and staying for a while on one of our programs or our AirBnB rooms. If you are interested in talking further about the possibilities, you can start right now by filling out our brief interest form to find out more.

There is no obligation expected of you in terms of your long-term interest in this community. If you come and visit and learn something (even if what you learn is that this community is not for you) then that is great. There are many worthwhile ways of being involved in the world and we hope that what we are doing contributes to that.

We also have very limited short term rental only options for those looking for a peaceful place to come home to after a day at work. Subject to availability at the time, these options may include a single room (with ensuite) for $150  or a large studio (with full bathroom) for $210.

"You've made magic happen" - Cassie
There are several rooms of varying size and facilities available or coming available in coming weeks/months.
  • solar hot water and electric boost, community solar feed-in and green power electricity
  • shared use of community facilities, including: community kitchen, lounges, laundry, library, office, ADSL internet, large and well equipped workshop, spring fed dam with canoe, community hall/cinema, table tennis, extra rooms for guests at low cost, commercial kitchen, organic gardens
Renting at Bellbunya  means that you'll be living in a small intentional community and inevitably are part of it. Please explore the website to gain an understanding of what this means for us. Email us with your enquiry for renting at

If you are interested in finding out more about
becoming a community member, please fill in the brief form at Expression of Interest in Community.

Other Information

  • Utilities (electricity, gas, telephone calls, broadband internet) cost $20pp/wk (family discounts apply).
  • Household Kitty (food - mainly organic, consumables, garden items) cost $75 to $55 pp/wk (family discounts apply).
  • Work contribution for community members - suggested minimum 8hrs/wk of work to keep the community functioning - administration, cleaning, maintenance, gardening, etc depending on skills, interests and needs.
  • Shared kitchen - join the dinner cooking and dinner cleanup roster - usually you will prepare dinner and clean up with another person about once a week and the rest of the time it will be prepared for you. Breakfast and lunch is "make it yourself" using the community food supply. (Shared food is more social, cheaper, better for the environment and saves times for everyone). Note that meal prep and cleanup is not included as part of work contribution hours.

For questions or booking please call office on 07 5409 7599  or preferably email to;