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Evie checking out some vegies from the garden
We are an intentional community with the purpose of developing sustaining ways of living. Our core values incorporate making a difference in the world, creating a culture that is energising, transformative growth, integrity, openness and passion. We are a “4-bottomline” community that supports (1) personal/spiritual growth and is (2) socially, (3) economically, (4) environmentally sustaining.

Our community grows food together, works together on projects, eats together and shares resources and tasks. We open our hearts and our home to the broader community as a place of learning and sharing with a view to opening new possibilities.

Our talented community (sometimes all at the same time!) includes people with skills in administration, law, IT, public relations, photography, catering, natural health, fitness, building, community campaigning, massage, music, permaculture, organic food production, yoga, music, facilitation, conflict resolution, environmental management and community development.

Join us for a visit, volunteer or join the community

We welcome you to spend time at Bellbunya, whether you just wish to find out more about us or you'd like to investigate becoming a community member. Visitors are welcome to come and stay at Bellbunya on one of our programs.

If you are exploring the possibility of becoming a community member, we recommend visiting us first, preferably making a few visits and staying for a few days or weeks on one of our programs. If you are interested in talking further about the possibilities, we are keen to hear from you. You can start right now by filling out our brief interest form to find out more.

There is no obligation expected of you in terms of your interest in community. If you come and visit and learn something (even if what you learn is that this community is not for you) then that is great. There are many worthwhile ways of being involved in the world and we hope that what we are doing contributes to that.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a community member, please fill in a brief interest in community form.

"You've made magic happen" - Cassie