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Past events - 2016 and 2017

April 2016

Living Your Truth
Postponed - contact Barry for one day events

A weekend at Bellbunya eco-retreat and sustainable community ~ a peaceful haven in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. 

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are” – Carl Jung

In a world full of conflict, resentment, anger, fear, insecurity and status based on shallow values we need to
  • Create our vision for life, community and planet
  • Less stressed, healthier, fitter you with breathing techniques from Patrick McKeon’s “The Oxygen Advantage”
  • Harmonize -body -mind –subconscious; for effectiveness – overcome stress anger and frustration
  • How to focus, visualize, meditate
  • Write your story/ be aware how disasters have a positive side
  • Positive measures to neutralize anger - frustration - blocks - conflict
  • Free- Feldenkrais workshop with Gerald Sullivan also included
“Great workshop and work [the] group did on me was [a] great help, thanks” Chalie Twine

This weekend will help create flow in your life!

When: Time 10am Saturday 9th April- 4pm Sunday 10th
Where: Bellbunya , 114 Browns Rd, Belli Park QLD 4562
Cost: $475 single/  $825 couple

Backpacker style accommodation. Fully catered with great food (vegetarian - special diets catered for)

Barry - "Old bloke with ideas on how you can
change world to suit you-and how to change
yourself to make the world a better place!"

Book early to reserve a place!

contact Barry Slack  more info 0428 717 489



One day workshop with Ruth Eedy -  International Therapist - Sunday 15 May

EFT-EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE is a new discovery that has provided thousands of people with relief from pain, diseases & emotional issues.

Simply stated, it is a unique version of acupuncture except you don’t use needles. Instead, you stimulate well established energy meridian points on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips.

The process is easy to memorize & is portable so you can do it anywhere. It launches off the EFT Discovery Statement which says; “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” And because our physical pains & diseases are so obviously connected with our emotions the following statement has also proven to be true… “Our unresolved negative emotions are major contributors to most physical pains & diseases.”

These ideas have been largely ignored by Western Healing Practices & that is why EFT OFTEN WORKS WHERE NOTHING ELSE WILL. It’s not that EFT is so stunning (although it may certainly appear that way to you). Rather, it is because conventional healing methods have simply overlooked the obvious. You will see that clearly as you allow EFT to bring freedom into your life where you thought none was possible…

Numbers are limited - book soon!

When: Sunday 15 May, 9.45 for 10 am start to 4 pm

Where: Bellbunya Community, 114 Browns Road, Belli Park

Cost: $100 includes experiencing the technique, pamphlets to use at home or clinic, vegetarian lunch and refreshments,

Further enquiries/bookings: ph/text 0467 250 757 or email

May 2016

Bellbunya Open Day Organic  Cafe & Swap-Meet -
Coming up - Saturday 7 May from 1 to 10 pm

Come and enjoy our new format! ~ a fun, educational family-friendly Open Day - Evening!

At 2.30 pm: Duuvy Jester from Terraeden Biotecture will give us the lowdown on Earthship building (see below)

From 7.30 to 10 pm: Music and Entertainment by local  Artists/Musicians Jason Daniels as well as Martin Enock

Come and enjoy our new format! ~ a fun, educational family-friendly Open Day - Evening!

Meet  healers, educators,  screenings and presentations from guest speakers, stalls, craft workshops for the whole family, music and entertainment

  • from 1.30 - A tour of the land and Community, Q&A with cherished member of Bellbunya, Joan McVilly  
  •                   Chai and wholesome organic cake and snacks under the fig tree at the Tree House
  •                   Participate in a swap meet with local produce and goods (bring your excess!)
  • from 2.30 - Family Craft Workshops  available with Karen at Knotwork Craft and Hobbies  (Take away your creation!)
  •                   Expand your horizons with different speakers and film presentations
  • from 3.30 - Healing and progressive clean technology and health products  samples/sessions/ orders available                
  • from 5.30 - Delicious , nutritious  whole food dinner ( from the garden and local suppliers).... at the cafe, family-friendly prices
  • from 7.30 - A family-friendly evening of varied entertainment (no alcohol please)
    guitar hands

When: First Saturday afternoon-evening, each month from 7 May - come and stay for part or the whole time

Where: Bellbunya Community, 114 Browns Rd, Belli Park (11 km along Eumundi - Kenilworth Rd

Cost: Depends if you can resist the chai and cake, and what crafty delights you create.

More information: Ngairi at 5447 0181 or 0407 418 627

Presentation at the Café!

Saturday 7 May at 2.30 pm

Duuvy Jester on Earthships

"Duuvy, coming from a background in hospitality, business and basic Babylonian mediocrity, became frustrated with life dedicated to economy and material evolution. He one day got rid of it all and decided to go study and work with the Earthship crew in Taos, New Mexico. There, Duuvy was trained and groomed in the art of Earthship science, physics, philosophy and building. This was only the beginning. Duuvy became driven by taking what he had learned and applying it to entire land design with real focus on natural systems and the ‘spirit of nature’.

From there, he flew back to Australia and met a dedicated gang of inspired individuals. The result was the organising and facilitation of ‘Australia’s first Earthship’. From there Duuvy became very interested in ‘big picture’ education and the plans for a ‘life on planet Earth’ school are now in full swing! The future is a very exciting place to be somersaulting towards."

Music and Entertainment @ Bellbunya

Saturday 7 May, 7.30pm - 10 pm: by local Artists/Musicians Jason Daniels and Martin Enock

A family-friendly evening of varied entertainment (no alcohol)

Sunshine Coast musician and songwriter Jason Daniels is a regular on the Coast circuit, and Brisbane, launching his debut single at the Caloundra Music Festival. Jason is now gathering songs for his soon to be released album.
Jason’s earliest influences were the Beach Boys, and he has fused his rhythm-based harmonies from rock, pop and punk, old school funk, soul, RnB and reggae to shape his musical direction.

Doonan resident Martin Enock musician and songwriter developed his unplugged guitar finger picking style from his era of 1960’s & 70’s influences including Joan Baez, Peter Paul and Mary, Donovan and Dylan and the like, playing in folk clubs and music festivals in Southern Africa. Martin is a wonderful storyteller who has renewed his passion for music and sets an intimate atmosphere playing around the Sunshine Coast.

Both artists write from their observations and experiences from their physical travels and heart felt journeys through life.

Contact~Body ... Connection and Dance Weekend Workshop

Saturday-Sunday 21-22 May

Facillitated by Jim Mantt and hosted by The Dance Movement @ Bellbunya Sustainable Community

Experience contact improvisation that merges gracefully with Feldenkrais Australia principles for an integrative , somatic journey of movement , awareness, stillness, lightness, weight, connection,
centre and expansion..... and exploration of the body and beyond.

When: 1 to 5 pm, Saturday 21 May, 9 am to 4 pm Sunday 22 May

Where: Bellbunya, 114 Browns Rd, Belli Park

Cost: Early bird by 7 May $130 or * $150 includes basic costs of facilitator, venue use, 1 night byo camping (extra nights $15 p/p per night).
           Includes breakfast and lunch on Sunday & healthy light refreshments and water provided for the weekend.
           Limited twin share rooms available for extra $50 per night for room

Saturday night dinner Eumundi cafes/ restaurants -10 minutes by car

* Note: to make this fun and exhilarating work accessible to as many people and budgets as possible there is no extra charged for the organiser (Ngairi) and host (Bellbunya) Any donations for organiser/Host greatly appreciated (suggested $50-$80)

To make your booking pay $75 deposit to
Ngairi Beamish
BSB 064449
a/c 10325453
ref your name/ph

Enquries OR
 or ph  0407 418 627

For more information: View "What is contact Improvisation?" Youtube:

Bellbunya Community Open Day  - the first Saturday of each month

August, September from 1 to 5 pm

Come and
join us f
or a relaxed afternoon where you can have a cuppa and chat with community members and others and participate in whatever activities are going on at Bellbunya on the day! It could be gardening or a craft session or a walk to the lagoon through the bush regeneration area. 
Healing sessions may be available... A tour of the land and Community, Q&A with a Bellbunya community member is always an option.

Check the website for any special offerings for the day. And please let us know that you're coming by email or phone 5447 0181.

Moving Gracefully through Life with Evan Jones and Margit Klee

A one day very special workshop on Saturday 24th September  Postponed

This workshop is NOT about dance moves and choreographies. You DON’T need to be trained in movement.

This workshop is all about committing all of who you are fully into everything you do. Being fully in your body, in your movement, sharing who you are with the world with your every move. Being fearlessly here now.
All movement is graceful when it is filled with  consciousness.
"The movements in this workshop are derived from ballet, tai chi, Feldenkrais and yoga.
Focus is on feeling the movement, developing awareness of how we move and the confidence to explore our inner landscapes with our external frame. Through guided meditations, shared experiences and self-discovery opportunities, our movement becomes at once more conscious and more natural."

Morning and afternoon tea provided, please bring lunch to share.


You will
· Relax, become still, feel safe
· Tune in with self
· Tune in with body
· Move with consciousness and joy
· Change your world, your work, your family, by being fully where you are

Evan danced with ballet companies in France, Germany and Canada. After 26 years overseas, he returned to Brisbane to teach ballet at QUT .
Margit is a Physiotherapist and has been conducting workshops on the subject of meditation/healing/self discovery for  over 30 yrs.

When: Saturday 24 September, 10 am to 4 pm
Where: Bellbunya Hall, 114 Browns Rd, Belli Park (13 km west of Eumundi on the Eumundi-Kenilworth Rd)
Cost:  $150

For inquiries or bookings please call Margit on 0410030870 or e-mail

Overnight accommodation can be arranged at Bellbunya.

Art and Yoga with Jill Tolhust

Friday 21 to Sunday 23 October  - pending enrolments -contact Jill for timing cancelled lack of numbers

In life we focus on the negative space, or the areas in our life that are missing  or incomplete. Its often these missing areas of our life that we blame for our inability to find happiness or fulfill our desires.

The complementary practices of yoga and art create a place where both the rational mind and the creative can work together. This yoga retreat will offer an inward journey to the light and wisdom of our soul so we may uncover greater personal clarity for self-healing. The practice of re-birthing, breath-work and art offers restoration and re-alignment of our soul energy, preparing us for the busyness the rest of the year presents.

Numbers are limited. Please contact me for all details and bookings.

Looking forward to sharing this time with you    Jill

When: Friday 21 to Sunday 23 October
Where: Bellbunya, 114 Browns Rd, Belli Park
Cost: $450 Includes accommodation, meals, yoga and art materials.

Inquiries:   0450 316 043

Women's Art and Craft Weekend
Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd October

Would you cherish working on your own projects with enjoyable company in a beautiful setting? Then come to Bellbunya this weekend!
BYO Art and craft materials and lunch to share. Tea, coffee provided. Some beginners crafts instruction available (painting, felting, knitting, drawing) @$15 per session
Walk and dance and even stay for an evening meal @$15. We can have more music after dinner.
You can participate in a community tour on Saturday afternoon.

Overnight accommodation can be arranged by visiting

: Arrive 9.30 am for 10am - 5pm each day
Where: 114 Browns Rd Belli Park 4562
Cost: $20 each day (half day price $15).

For more information phone Alison 0429 694 014 or 5447 0181

November 2016

Bellbunya Community Open Day  - the first Saturday of each month
 Saturday 5 November from 1 to 5 pm

On 5 November a special Open Day Living Love taster will be held from 3 pm to 5 pm

Dear Friends,
 I am honoured to host Cynthia Connop and Living Love  at Bellbunya the second weekend in Nov. Just over 2 weeks away.
For those who would like  taster of Living Love and Bellbunya, an information and sharing circle is planned at Bellbunya on 5/11 at 3pm(as part of our open day.)
After meeting Cynthia at the Joining and later at a weekend, I was excited to find she was able to hold such a positive space for peoples unfoldment..
Bellbunya seems to be an excellent venue for hosting as the natural setting adds to the peace and well being of visitors.
I like the idea of being more in tune with my feminine essence and relating to the masculine and feminine in others. My yang energy has had quite a run and can take a back seat for now!
Early bird due on 31/10, Prices for returnees and payment plans for those eager and 'awaiting their ship to come in'.
All inquiries and questions welcome or take a look at
Alison Smith

Dear Living Lovers, How are you doing? In this email I want to share some of my inspiration and information about sexual essence and polarity, to help you be clearer on your essence. Moving on from painful patterns and embracing a new sense of yourself as a full man or woman, making choices about who you want to be. From who we are being, becomes what we experience moment to moment.
Many of you may not know that I have a passion for storytelling. Having been a filmmaker it’s not surprising. Nearly all of my films are about relationships, spirituality and sexuality. In my Living Love work, I’m passionate about the unfolding of the human Love story and our struggles to love fiercely and fully in a challenging world. A world that is currently neutralizing our masculine and feminine essences in the pursuit of peace and equality. This has a cost.
In sexual love we have the polarity of opposites - masculine and feminine essence magnetically attracted to each other. In deep love, they are feeling into one another, then merging into one being of love with no limits. Then coming apart again to create the polarity, the attraction and the desire to merge again. Lots of juicy relating!
For this to happen we need firstly to be able to drop into and embrace our own essence. Each person has their unique flavor of masculine and feminine.
To give you a taste, or a refresher of the essential qualities:

Feminine essence is flowing, receptive, communal, cyclical, chaotic, full, surrendered, nurturing, creative, the Shakti life-force. The feminine essence is motivated by love, and specifically the fullness of love. Either through partners, children, family, friends, worthy causes, colleagues, spiritual gurus, or pets. She needs to be seen, appreciated and praised to open and flower. In love making she prefers to be pleasured, ravished, fully seen, taken, claimed with love.

Masculine essence is witnessing, dynamic, mission-orientated, directional, focused, alone, detached, penetrative. The masculine essence is motivated by his mission, by being effective in the world, by his purpose, his spiritual enlightenment. Either through achievement, business, knowledge, sports, spiritual teachings or systems. He wants to be challenged in order to grow and go deeper. In love making he prefers to ravish, pleasure, penetrate, see into her, and claim his partner in love.
Which sexual essence are you? Which one do you relate to the most? What do you do most often? But which one would feel the most enlivening, real and desirable for you to live? Often we are living with a protective layer over our true essence, scared to get hurt, or to be seen as too dominant or vulnerable. Trust your gut instincts on this one. Trust that your own essence is right and good, and embracing it is necessary for spiritual and personal growth. Its not black and white either, we all have some of the opposite but which is going to make you the happiest in your life?
We all have both masculine and feminine essence and use both in different circumstances, but the problem is when we get stuck in a mode that are not natural to us. For example, a woman with a natural feminine essence that has a lot of responsibility, has to make multiple decisions all day at work and be very directional. When she goes on a date or comes home to her masculine essence partner, her energy can push him away or create a 'blokey' relationship with a painful loss of libido and attraction.
Or when a man with a masculine essence is minding the children all day, developing his feminine nurturing side, feeling a lot of emotions, healing himself. He becomes not so attractive to his woman. They may both love each other deeply but the relationship can become dead over time, and devoid of full, fierce or gentle, sexual love. Unless they learn how to avoid the pitfalls of neutralizing or swapping essences, or learn how to quickly create the spark of their natural opposites. This can happen in thirty seconds.

See you at Bellbunya!

Living Love ~ Unlock your masculine or feminine essence postponed to 2017

Inspired by David Deida

 A 2-day workshop on Saturday 12th November  & Sunday 13th November

Singles and Couples open through old patterns and create polarity, passion, love and freedom

Men be confident with women through your depth,  trust and authentic love.
Women embrace your feminine expression and radiance. Enhance and attract intimate relationships.

What particpants say about the Living Love for Singles & Couples workshop:

‘I re-learnt how to love the masculine’ Mae, musician
‘The weekend was amazing!’ Elbert, construction
‘Inspired me to become the man I knew I could be.’ John, realtor
‘What a transformational and juicy weekend!’ Nic Tovey

Cynthia Connop, Living Love founder, international  trainer and relationship counsellor has many years  experience  in group facilitation and Deida -inspired work.

When: Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 November
Cost: non-residential $475  two booking at the same time $950
**Sunshine Coast Special! $700 for two booking at the same time**
Residential options available - book separately here
 Where: Bellbunya eco retreat centre, 114 Browns Rd,  Belli Park

Children's adventure program also running

For bookings
Call Alison: 0429 694 014 or 07 5447 0181
For payments for workshop
Deposit to
Alison Joy Smith
Acc No- 7589816
Ref LLove your name

There will be space for massage swaps, and massages can also be booked with a professional masseur ($80). Contact Alison from 1/11/2016.

December 2016


Bellbunya Sustainable Community invites you to:

A transformational and inspiring 2-day class with Viv Adcock

Are you aware that your consciousness determines whether you will struggle in frustration, lack and perpetuate patterns of stagnation or live a creative, productive, fulfilling life with infinite possibilities?

Has money, time or any other resource become a limitation for what you choose rather than an expansive possibility for the projects, desires and wealth creation you truly desire?

If you keep doing what you have always done, you’ll always get what you have always got!

The scarcity that is in many people’s lives is due to their “relationship’ to beliefs, points of view and judgments of money and other resources. These perpetrate unconscious limitations into everyday life and decisions.

Well…what if that could change easily and dynamically?

In this 2-day workshop you receive a comprehensive workbook that will help you expand your awareness of where you are functioning from not enough and limitation and change it to function outside of the box and beyond any limitation.

Viv interweaves the tools and philosophies throughout the 2 days, so they become part of your being and vocabulary empowering immediate change and opening doors that you may not have yet considered.

Viv's personal story is instructive and inspiring. Come along to the Introduction just to hear that!

When:        Friday 16th of December
Time:          4.30pm (prompt start) - 6.30pm
Where:       Bellbunya Community Hall, 114 Browns Road, Belli Park.
Cost:          Donation from Gold Coin

When:       Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th December
Time:         9.30am (prompt start) – 4.30
Where:      Bellbunya Community Hall
Cost:         $595

Please note that those who wish to experience the introduction before choosing to do the workshop are more than welcome to do so. And, for those who wish to register for both immediately then that opportunity is available as well. Payments can be made by direct deposit or by cash on the day.

Links Below for Registrations


June - September 2017

Bhakti Camp  2-4 June, 4-6 August, 21-23 September

Immerse yourself in a whole weekend of meditation and yoga at Bhakti Camp - dive a little deeper into the world of yoga and come away feeling inspired, deeply peaceful, happy and relaxed.

Our location for this month is Bellbunya - an intimate retreat venue with 40 pristine acres of hills and bushland, big blue skies and incredible sunsets in the Noosa Hinterland. Wake up to birdsong, and practice yoga asanas surrounded by tall trees, in a grassy clearing. Enjoy delicious home cooked vegetarian/vegan meals with new friends, and spend your days soaking up sublime kirtan, yoga wisdom and filling the air with laughter and good vibes. Join us for an afternoon hike, cooking classes and relaxation then rug up for toasty bonfire kirtans complete with marshmallows and rest in your comfy, cozy rooms.

A perfect opportunity to relax, meditate and rejuvenate.

Dormitory, twin and single rooms available starting at $199 inclusive of all meals, accommodation and full program.

Please email Yasi at for a program and information pack or  click here  to book.

September 2017

Yoga Retreat wih Jill Tolhurst 8 - 10 September 2017 CANCELLED

Keeping Your Heart as Light as a Feather

“I looked in Temples, Churches, and Mosques.
I found the Divine in my heart”

Yogah Chitta Vritti Nirodahah –
Yoga is the uniting of consciousness in the heart

 Yoga Sutra 1.2)

Join me for this very special retreat where we will study Yoga Sutra 1.2,  Delve into the magic of this sutra and experience your true nature as Love
During the retreat we will endeavour to open to the gentleness of the heart. Consciousness abides in the heart not in the mind. When we realise that it is the heart that is the holder of consciousness, reunion with the Self and the Divine is more likely.
In ancient Egypt at the time of death the heart was measured against a feather if your heart was heavier it was full of sins. If it was lighter than eternal life was granted.
The retreat weekend  provides an  opportunity  to discover  ways of lightening our hearts. Yoga in its completeness is a way of life that allows for total transformation.
The  power of  Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, Journaling and Creativity, will have you experiencing the Divine Spirit within and returning home with a lighter heart and a rested soul.

Retreat Information:
Date  - Arrive 3pm Friday September 8th
            Depart 3pm  Sunday September 10th
Venue – Bellbunya Eco Retreat Sunshine Coast Hinterland
Energy Exchange - $450
Price includes fully catered vegetarian meals. All yoga activities.
Shared rooms have en-suite, all linen and towels supplied

Limited numbers so book your place with a $100 dollar deposit
Full payment will be required by August 28th.
For information email or 0450 316 043