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Past Events - 2013

Taosh @ Bellbunya in December and January Book an appointment!

Pia and Tone are returning to Bellbunya from Otago, Aotearoa, from 11 December to 14 January for consultations, workshops and .. picnics! Have a look at their website

Pia is available in person by appointment at Bellbunya and the Sunshine Coast for Astropathy consultations (download the flyer here).

Pia uses a combination of Naturopathy, Evolutionary Astrology and energy healing (The Emotion Code) to help you find balance and good health. 

Tone is also available by appointment for consultation and workshops from garden design to men’s groups.

Empowering Picnics are aimed at providing a family and community-friendly space to exchange information about the challenges we are facing together, and to exchange ideas about how we can solve these. They are a way to connect and integrate communities to effect real change, empowering people to create the world they want. While in Australia, Pia and Tone are available to share their experiences from Dunedin. If you are interested, please contact them - see below.

To register your interest please contact Joan on 07 5447 0181 or by email at
or Pia directly at and after 10 December on 0431 616 828.